Choose from one of these prompts…

Today you woke up as your classroom pet. Write a story about your day.

Pretend you have a pet dragon. Write a narrative about how life is with this unusual pet.

If I were an octopus…

Imagine you lived under water. Write a narrative about what your life would be like.

Imagine your life underwater.

‘The Lego Story’ – create your own invention story with a partner.


Text type: Procedural writing

Click on the link for some procedural writing fun!

All Animals



Keep practising your joined handwriting! Use this to help you know how you should be joining your letters.

Explanation Writing

At the moment we are learning how to write Explanation Texts. This will give you an idea of how to structure your writing and what to include!

Reference: http://west.cdn.mathletics.com/flexBin-R8/assets/spellodromeSCAssets/WritingFun_v3/de9fc699-4a78-4208-bb5b-dbd37247fbb7.html

Poetry Fun

We’ve been having fun writing poems. You might find these pages from Spellodrome helpful.

Reference: http://west.cdn.mathletics.com/flexBin-R8/assets/spellodromeSCAssets/WritingFun_v3/de9fc699-4a78-4208-bb5b-dbd37247fbb7.html



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Here’s a fantastic website with some fun games to help you learn about contractions!


Information Reports

This week we are learning how to write information reports. We will be using these text planners to help us structure and write them. Have a look at this example about spiders. It will give you an idea of how to structure your writing and what to include in the description!

Silent Final E

Five Spelling Rules for Silent Final e

  1. Silent final e makes the vowel say its name.
  2. English words don’t end in v or u.
  3. Silent E after the letters C and G “soften” their sounds.
  4. Every syllable must have a vowel.
  5. Sometimes the silent final e has no purpose whatever.