Narrative Writing

Have a go at some narrative writing at home! The link below will take you to a story generator. Create a short narrative about what you spin! Have fun!

(don’t forget to structure your narratives in paragraphs)



Practise your typing skills by following the link below. It will be very useful to become quicker and more accurate when publishing your work!


Persuasive Writing

In writing we have started looking at Persuasive texts.

Image result for persuasive text

Have a look at this text planner from Spellodrome. It outlines the specific structure of a persuasive text and can help you to organise your writing.

To strongly convince a reader of your opinion/point of view you need to use persuasive vocabulary. Have a look and familiarise yourself with the list of vocabulary below and their meaning. Can you use any of these words to improve your writing? Can you think of anymore persuasive words?

Below are some writing prompts that you can use for persuasive writing.


Keep practising your joined handwriting! Use this to help you know how you should be joining your letters.