Try this…

Choose any number

Add 9

Double your answer

Subtract 4

Divide by 2

Subtract your original number

Your answer is 7!


Fact Families

Use the following website to practise your fact families.


Term 1 Maths

Grade 3s  have been busy mathematicians this term! Learning all about place value, data collection, graphs, addition and time.

We are now starting to look at the connection between addition and subtraction and the different strategies we can use to work out subtraction equations.

We are also starting to look at 3D shapes. Try heading out with your family on a 3D shape hunt and see what you can find. It may come in handy when recognising new shapes in class!


Wishball – Whole numbers

In class, we have been playing the game Wishball, which teaches the students about place value. Have a go at home and see if you can get the number in 20 turns or less


Hockey Scores






Here is a great site to use to practise number patterns and skip counting.